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Civil War for Grade 5

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Native Americans for Grade 4
Westward Expansion for Grade 5
Civil War for Grade 5

General Civil War Sites

Social Studies for Kids: Civil War

Eyewitness to History: The American Civil War

America's Story from America's Library

Be sure to look at the links at the bottom of the screen, under "More Stories About..."  
There are MANY great links to different Civil War topics.

Civil War Timeline

The Underground Railroad

National Geographic: The Underground Railroad

Underground Railroad Timeline

Aboard the Underground Railroad

Pathways to Freedom


Slavery and the Making of America

Slavery in New York

Abraham Lincoln

America's Library: U.S. Presidents

The White House: Abraham Lincoln

Gettysburg Address

Emancipation Proclamation

Frederick Douglass Africans in America

America's Library: Activists and Reformers

Harriet Tubman

America's Library: Activists and Reformers

Harriet Tubman Annotated TImeline

Raz-Kids: Harriet Tubman book in level S

Jefferson Davis

America's Library: Civil War

America's Library: Civil War

American Civil War: Jefferson Davis

John Wilkes Booth Encyclopedia of World Biography of John Wilkes Booth

The Death of John Wilkes Booth, 1865

Abraham Lincoln's Assassination


Digital History: Child Soldiers

Children of the Civil War

Civil War Soldiers

Union Soldiers

Confederate Soldiers

How the Civil War Soldiers Lived


The American Civil War

This site has information on many Civil War battles.  Just click on the topic and read carefully.

America's Library: Civil War

Scroll down to the "More Stories About the Civil War" section.  Click on the sections that are about battles.