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Westward Expansion for Grade 5

Winter & Holiday Fun!
Native Americans for Grade 4
Westward Expansion for Grade 5
Civil War for Grade 5

General Westward Expansion Sites
These sites are good for all topics.

American Westward Expansion

New Perspectives on the West (PBS)

Brittanica Online Elementary

Grolier Online Kids

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Password: student

World Book Online

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Password: oat11spa


Not quite an online encyclopedia, but similar.  Just type your general topic in the search box to find helpful articles.

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Frontier/Pioneer Life

Who were the Pioneers?

Be sure to explore all of the question links in BLUE at the bottom of the page.

Inside a Pioneer Covered Wagon

Who were the Settlers?

NOTE: You may not be interested in the first screen that pops up, however there is a LOT of info on this site.  Use the links on the left side of the page to navigate to all of the different sections.

Pioneer Children

African American Settlers

The Other Pioneers: African-Americans on the Frontier

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Lewis and Clark

Lewis & Clark (PBS)

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Life on the Trails

The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail Interactive Map

Click on the stops along the trail to learn more!

Oregon Trail

Be sure to use the links on the left side of the screen to view all the information!

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Wild West, Cowboys & Outlaws

The Wild West: Cowboys

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The Gold Rush

BrainPop: Gold Rush

Username: ulster  Password: hudson

Gold Rush!

The Gold Rush

The Discovery of Gold in California

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Native Americans, The Indian Removal Act & The Trail of Tears

Trail of Tears

You'll find many links about the Trail of Tears.

Indian Removal (PBS)

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Transcontinental Railroad (PBS)

Use the links for Special Features, Timeline, Gallery, and People & Events to find the best info on this site.

Driving the Last Spike

Transcontinental Railroad

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